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Welcome to Al Mayzan Foodstuff Trading LLC!

At Al Mayzan Foodstuff Trading LLC, We are a dynamic company specializing in the export and trading of high-quality food products worldwide. Our diverse range includes flour, canned & preserved foods, fresh vegetables & fruits, snacks, dates, beverages, potatoes, soft drinks, grains, cereals & legumes. With a commitment to excellence, integrity and customer satisfaction, we aim to be your trusted source for all your foodstuff needs. Experience the essence of quality and taste with Al Mayzan Foodstuff Trading LLC.

At Al Mayzan Foodstuff Trading LLC, our mission is to bridge the gap between cultures through the universal language of food. With a passion for culinary diversity, we strive to bring the flavors of the world to your doorstep. Join us on this gastronomic journey and let us delight your taste buds with our premium products and impeccable service.

With decades of experience in the food trading industry, Al Mayzan Foodstuff Trading LLC stands as a symbol of reliability and trust. We have built strong partnerships with suppliers and customers alike, fostering a network that ensures the highest quality products at competitive prices. As we continue to grow, our commitment to innovation and sustainability remains unwavering, making us your preferred choice in the global food market. Let us be your culinary companion, connecting you to a world of delectable possibilities.

Our Food Trading Services

Discover a world of culinary excellence with Al Mayzan Foodstuff Trading LLC’s comprehensive food trading services. Elevate your offerings with our finest quality products from global sources.

Flour Trading

Experience the finest flours from around the world with Al Mayzan Foodstuff Trading LLC’s premium Flour Trading service. We source and deliver high-quality flours to meet the diverse needs of culinary enthusiasts and businesses.

Canned & Preserved Food Trading

Discover the convenience and flavor of our Canned & Preserved Food Trading service at Al Mayzan Foodstuff Trading LLC. We offer a delectable selection of canned and preserved foods to cater to your busy lifestyle without compromising on quantity and quality.

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Vegetables & Fruits Trading

At Al Mayzan Foodstuff Trading LLC, our Vegetables & Fruits Trading service brings the freshest and most vibrant produce to your table. Explore a diverse range of top-quality vegetables and fruits, sourced with care to enrich your culinary creations.

Snack Food Trading

Indulge in delightful moments with Al Mayzan Foodstuff Trading LLC’s Snack Food Trading service. We offer a tempting assortment of snacks to satisfy your cravings, curated for exceptional taste and quality. Elevate your snacking experience with our diverse and delectable options.

Dates Trading

Experience the sweetness of tradition with Al Mayzan Foodstuff Trading LLC’s Dates Trading service. Discover a selection of premium dates, meticulously sourced and delivered to add a touch of natural richness to your culinary delights. Let the timeless flavor of dates elevate your gastronomic journey.

Soft Drinks & Beverages Trading

Quench your thirst for quality with Al Mayzan Foodstuff Trading LLC’s Soft Drinks & Beverages Trading service. Enjoy a refreshing range of beverages, carefully selected to bring you the finest flavors from around the globe. Elevate your beverage offerings with our premium selections.

Potatoes and Onions in Bulk

Potatoes & Onion Trading

Experience the versatility of Al Mayzan Foodstuff Trading LLC’s Potatoes Trading service. We deliver a variety of top-quality potatoes sourced and handled with utmost care, ensuring freshness and taste. Elevate your culinary creations with our premium potatoes, perfect for a wide range of delicious dishes.

Snacks in Bulk

Grains, Cereals & Legumes Trading

At Al Mayzan Foodstuff Trading LLC, our Grains, Cereals & Legumes Trading service offers a wholesome selection of nutritious staples to enrich your meals. Discover a diverse range of grains, cereals, and legumes sourced from trusted suppliers worldwide. Elevate your culinary journey with our premium ingredients, supporting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Al Mayzan Foodstuff Trading LLC is a one stop solution for all Foods, Cereals, Grains and Beverages. We are authorized & certified which adds the quality and commitment to our service and operations.

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